Rachael Willeford

Rachael Willeford spends her professional time working in revenue cycle for both medical and radiation oncology practices.  Her professional life is a connection to her passion for lung cancer advocacy.  She began her advocacy efforts with a local lung cancer event that was associated with the National Lung Cancer Partnership (now branded as part of Lung Cancer Research Foundation’s Free to Breathe series), and through educating herself in order to better educate others Rachael discovered the disparities regarding research, funding, and lung cancer.  Shortly thereafter she became the co-chairperson for the event and expanded her efforts to national social media platforms.  She still leads educational efforts for both patients and providers in her community.

Rachael’s family has experienced the loss of 5  members to lung cancer over 4 decades, a clear example of the need for expanded research in lung cancer treatment.  Rachael lives in Louisiana with her husband and son.

Twitter: @PollywogPrinces http://twitter.com/PollywogPrinces