Who is ALKFusion?

ALKFusion was conceived by a group of seven lung cancer patient advocates with over 30 years of combined patient focused advocacy experience in the lung cancer community. Our shared vision is to initiate and support patient centric research with a focus on collaboration and disease management.  As a patient centric organization, we are committed to accelerating research to improve the outcomes for ALK Positive lung cancer patients. As patients, we are on the frontline of this disease. Changing the course of this disease impacts us more directly than other participants in this arena.

There are organizations that offer support and information to the ALK Positive lung cancer community in a multitude of ways. We are immensely grateful to have these organizations available to us.  However, as patients, we also recognized that there is a need for an organization whose focus is on patient centric driven research and collaboration with the targeted goal of extending lives and managing this disease.

In that vein, we are focused on linking patients and researchers in order to facilitate and accelerate research focused on ALK + lung cancer.  Rather than focusing on the patient stories, we hope to bring those stories directly to the researchers, so that they have access to those that their work directly affects. We also aim to bring the research information directly to the patients and families who could be served by the research that is out there or that is in the works.